A new 'Zero' Blog

Yeei! I've began a new blog o.o so I'll be uploading some things about me and my costumes and stuff ;D

Meet me!

Cosplay name: Zero
Real name: Lorelei
Country: Mexico
Age: 18 :3
Cosplay status: I make all my costumes (exept my first costume, that was made by my mom XD), also I make my weapons and armors, most of the time I've been helped by my family or by my friend Lizyuu (a cosplayer too). I've made around 10 costumes, and I had a break costuming because of problems D: But I'm back XD with a new group proyect: the 'Proyecto Valkyria', me as the lider from this new cosplay group (we still in process). I also love taking cosplay photoshots n__n

The first thing I wanna show is my favorite photo from my Saber costume, the best photo I have until now =P I'm planning more photoshots... soon XD
You can view it full at my DA

///Zero/// Saber cosplay

Now I'm off, so please come and read more about my costumes =D

Greettings! n__n

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Género : Blog

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